SONY Commercial - Drifting

A 30 second commercial spot with Kevin Madsen performing as Stunt Driver. This spot was used for various TV & Web publicity for SONY USA's newest camera, the Action Cam. Precise placement of the vehicle while sliding at high speed during a limited filming time period was required for this shoot. As you can see, Kevin was the ideal choice.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Scuderia Ferrari

Head Instructor and Precision Driver, Kevin Madsen, takes us through why he spends every second possible behind the wheel. A variety of challenging camera angles were used on the SONY supplied Action Cams to give the viewer the feel of what it's like to spend your days driving at the limit. Madsen was able to perform in spite of the sometimes inhibitive-mounted cameras and limited time available for filming due to on-course traffic.



Fast Ferrari's & Hot Girls - Imagine Lifestyles Ad

Kevin Madsen essentially performs as the "Black Stig" in this high-speed, high-action spot advertising the ride-along program of Imagine Lifestyles Ultimate Driving Experience. The company promoted this spot via their website and YouTube to the tune of over 14,000 views. While Precision Driver Kevin Madsen exhibiting his usual incredibly smooth and consistent driving could be the reason for the virality, we think something else is to blame.

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